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  • This interactive quiz is to see how much you know about Scouting. There are twenty questions and when you have answered all twenty questions correctly, you will be able to print a certificate which you should show to your leaders so that your record card can be updated. Akela will probably award you some points for your six as well!
  • To answer the question, simply click on your chosen answer. If you click on the right answer you move onto the next question. If you click on the wrong answer you return to the start of the quiz. This is to encourage you not to cheat by clicking the answers at random (not that cubs cheat!).
  • This quiz is meant to help you learn about Scouting so we provide you with clues at the bottom of the page. Follow the links and you will find the answer. The link will open in a separate window so that you don't loose your place in the quiz. Remember to close the 'clue' window when you have found the answer to return to the quiz.



Clue: Your clues will appear on this line.

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