Good Turn Diaries

One of the first pieces of work that a Cub Scout has to do before he is invested is to keep a Good Turn Diary for a week.  In the old programme, Cubs could not receive their Cub Scout Award until it was complete.  We still place importance on completing the Good Turn Diary because doing a good turn is still an important part of being a Cub Scout.

The Good Turn Diary can take several forms: perhaps a table listing the good turn against the day, or as a small booklet that the Cub will produce at the Pack meeting, or as a 'Helping Hand Diagram'.

The Cub Scout Law says that Cubs will do a good turn every day.  This can be as simple as holding open a door for someone who has their arms full, or picking up something that someone has dropped.  The idea is to encourage a helpful attitude.   For the Good Turn Diary we would prefer a little more than that, for example, laying the table or helping with the washing up, or making a bed etc.

Often Cubs need reminding to complete their Good Turn Diaries and to bring them back to the Pack Meetings.  Hopefully, parents will be willing to encourage their son to finish it.

Below are recent examples of Good Turn Diaries.  As we get more we will add them to the page.

A 'Helping Hand Diagram'


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