The Union Flag - also known as the Union Jack
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Flags and Saints


Each week at the beginning of our Pack meeting we salute the flag. We do this remind us of our promise; to do our duty to God and to the Queen. Our flag represents the Queen!

This is where you can find out about how our flag arrived at the design it is today.

We live in the county of Hampshire which is in the country of England. England is just one of four countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Click on the flag for each country to read the story of that patron saint.

Click here to learn more about England and the Flag of Saint George
Click here to learn more about Wales and the Welsh flag
Click here to learn more about Scotland and the Flag of Saint Andrew
Click here to learn more about Ireland and the Flag of Saint Patrick
Flag of Saint George
Welsh Flag
Flag of Saint Andrew
Flag of Saint Patrick
The rose is England's emblem.
The daffodil is Wales' emblem.
The thistle is Scotland's emblem.
The shamrock is Ireland's emblem.
Emblem of ENGLAND
Emblem of WALES
Emblem of SCOTLAND
Emblem of IRELAND
St. George's emblem is the dragon.
St. David's emblem is the leek.
St. Andrew's emblem is the fish.
St. Patrick's emblem is the mitre.
Emblem of Saint George
Emblem of Saint David
Emblem of Saint Andrew
Emblem of Saint Patrick
Over the years there have been a number of flags for Ireland. Click on the flag to learn about the history of the Irish flag.

So how did we get the flag we have today?

An Act of Parliament in 1536, known as the Act of Union, combined England and Wales into a single state. The flag of Saint George was not officially adopted as the Flag of England until 1545 although it may have been used before then. So the Welsh flag was never included in the Union Flag.

Click here to see what happened in 1606.

Did you know?


Flying the Union Flag upside down means that you are in distress. So make sure you fly the flag the right way up or you may get help you don't want!

This flag is showing the distress signal if you assume the flag pole is on the left.

Hampshire has it's own official flag which was adopted in 1992 to mark the centenary of the formation of Hampshire County Council?

At least twenty-three countries have the Union Flag as part of their own flag. Why do you think that might be?

You'll find them all by clicking here.

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